Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn: From Five Stars to One Star

Though I told myself I wouldn't - I couldn't help it. I just couldn't. I went on Amazon and read people's reviews of Breaking Dawn. Don't get me wrong, I've read Breaking Dawn and its entirety, so I wasn't getting spoiled. It's just that I'm going to put together a big old Breaking Dawn Review of my own tomorrow and I'm always swayed in some way by people's opinions, especially if they are hardcore.
And let me tell you, the reviews on Amazon for the fourth book are hardcore.
I saw the first one star rating entitled something along the lines of 'What was she thinking?!' and skimmed over it a bit. Shrugging, I moved on to the next review. Another one star. And the next. One measly star. The next and the next and the next. One stars! The next - finally, two stars. One star, one star, four stars, one star, one star. AHHHHHH!
***Okay, some MAJOR SPOILERS coming up***
If you haven't read the book, don't go on. Unless you want to be spoiled. In which case go ahead. But if you DON'T then DON'T read on. Okay? Mmkay.

I'll give you some of the biggest and harshest complaints of the thousands and thousands of complaints I sifted through with a heavy heart (and I'm paraphrasing here, but you definitely get the gist - the people on the discussion boards called them WTF moments):
How did Bella get PREGNANT? Stephenie Meyer herself said that was impossible!
The baby's name is horrible! Renesmee? Nessie?! UGH!

When Edward asked Jacob to make puppies with Bella if what she wanted was a, way to pimp Bella out to Jacob!
Ewww! Ew, ew! So creepy - Jacob imprinting on Bella's daughter, for crying out loud!!1!
Why did she switch POV's?? If she had to it should have been Edward's!
It seemed like Edward and Bella didn't even love each other with that true, deep passion anymore! ;(
Characters got lost, man!
Edward saying "Good-bye Jacob, my brother, my son" BAHAHAHA~!
No battle with the Volturi! No butt-kicking! So anti-climactic if you ask me!!!
The whole freaking book was a big WTF.

You see what I mean? Each time I read another harsh criticsm - and they weren't few or far between - it was like a stab to the heart. I didn't know Twilight fans were capable of so much hostility toward Stephenie Meyer. Of course they are free to be completely honest - but wow.
I'm just telling you now: my review won't be quite like the ones you see above.

Go here if you really want to read the reviews for Breaking Dawn from Amazon.

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Heather said...

You can check out my review of BD which I was able to get up on my blog today. It's somewhere in the middle--I hated the entire middle section (literally HATED it) and thought the ending was definitely anti-climactic which is kind of sucky to do to fans who have so rabidly supported her, but it definitely had some redeeming parts. Leah (and Jacob) grew on me big time; however, I just continued to decline in my attitude toward Rosalie... she pretty much sucks all-around because she's always selfish (as opposed to the rest of the characters who are only sometimes selfish). I actually thought that some of the Fan Fic that I read before was better than Breaking Dawn... not something I would have thought I would be saying.