Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back, Back Again

I told you I'd be back, didn't I? Well here I am, exactly a week later, and ready to get typing. Before we jump into anything extreme right off the bat, I'll to tell you about my trip, in case you want to know (and I don't know why in the world you would, but...whatever :D).
So first we gave my grandma a visit for about a day. We were immediately greeted by hot weather (102 degrees, I think it was - blazing compared to the maximum 90 degrees here in grey Washington) and of course that got us all excited, much to the amusement of the residents in the area who were used to it. Then we headed off to hopping San Francisco. The usual wall of fog rolled in, but thankfully not before we could see the Golden Gate Bridge and cross it. We meandered around the San Fran area until we finally, finally came across a hotel that wasn't completely booked (it was a Friday night during the summer and we had no rooms reserved, for crying out loud!). The next morning, we went to my childhood hometown of Oakland (I lived there in an adorable little neighborhood until I was three, I think) and went to a wedding, which was what we were in California for, anyway. It was small, but very flowery and fun, and they had a beautiful reception with amazing food on a lake (although in truth, my cousins and I called the lake itself ugly on account of the mysterious brown splotches in the otherwise blue water and the duck and goose turds piled an inch thick on the banks - I stepped in those...ewwwww...). For the most part my brother, my thousands of cousins, some random little crazy kids, and I all played pathetic games of volleyball and dodgeball - not easy to do in a dress and heels, that. Then we danced around, and I was forced to dance with my brother. One of my cousins went to the nearby wedding and stole their food (as if they would notice, right? He was dressed for a wedding, after all). Then the wedding was over, and we went to my aunt and uncle's little home in Sacremento to spend the night with my cousins who I never, ever see. We pretended to be mobsters as we ambled through the park at night, we tried climbing the fences, we considered going to the retirment center, and then eventually we gave in watched an anime movie who's name has slipped my mind and made fun of it. The name had something about a heart...and it was a really cute flick with a powerful message that was hard find because of all the ridiculous aspects we kept calling it on. I don't particularly like anime - the way the characters are so erratic scares me a bit. After a good night's slumber on the couch, my family journeyed back to my grandma's house. We went swimming in the 100-something degree sunrays, and that is where I got most of my tan. ;) Then we went to the Bodies Revealed exhibit - you know, the one that showcases a bunch of real body parts, dead people doing activites with their muscles and organs revealed, and more stuff pertaining to the human body that would normally gross me out, but for some reason just managed to fascinate me this time around. For the rest of the time, we ate ice cream and watched the Olympics. I'll tell ya, that Michael Phelps has stolen my heart - the last few shreds of my heart that aren't owned by the Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Jack Sparrow, and fudge, at least. I reread Breaking Dawn, too. After a few more excrutiatingly hot days, we hit the road and began our long adventure back home. I say long because like halfway through Oregon, a freaking hay truck caught fire somehow, started a bunch of little fires along the northbound highway, and then burst into flames at some place called Jefferson. The whole highway was stopped dead for about an hour while we watched the columns of black and brown smoke rise from an unknown (at the time) source somewhere up ahead. Fire trucks kept squeezing past us at alarming rates and even more alarming numbers. We tuned into the news and they gave us a bunch of excrutiatingly inaccurate and spastic information (I still don't know what really went on). We finally veered off the clogged highway and took an exit, got a map and some pop, then took a detour. When we were on the highway again, what, like two hours later, the highway heading north was still stopped, even though the fires had been extinguished. Why, you ask? The truck melted onto the asphalt. Gah. When we finally made it home, I pretty much collapsed into bed and died. Then I came back to life a few hours later, and here I am!

So, anyway, I missed a TON of news. The next few posts after this one will be me playing catch-up (no, not the sauce). It'll be old stuff, so you can skip it all if you've already heard. And I'm sure you have. But I haven't.

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Heather said...

That Bodies Revealed exhibit came here to Indianapolis and got banned by (I think) the Catholic Archdiocese because the exhibitors couldn't confirm that the bodies were not those of Chinese prisoners wrongfully executed. I had wanted to see it, but (alas) the Catholic church had plans otherwise. Glad you had a good time.