Sunday, August 24, 2008


First I was a vampire, now I'm a werewolf. That would make me a...wolfpire. >=)

Come bask in the light of the full moon,
Selena Weylyn

That would be my werewolf name. Consequently, my full name would be Selena Weynauld The Wolfpire. Sweeeeet.

Yeah, so I typed 'Jacob Black' into the little box and hit the button that said 'Let the full moon do its magic!' and got this name:

Come bask in the light of the full moon,
Jacy Phellan

Now we know Jacob's true identity.

I guess tonight is random mythical creature quiz night. Shows what being bored on the Internet at 10 P.M. does to a person...
Join in on the spontaneous fun here.

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