Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adapting Twilight: A Demanding Job for Melissa Rosenburg

ShockTillYourDrop.com has an exclusive interview with the screenwirter for Twilight the Movie, Melissa Rosenburg, up on their site.

Shock: Taking that a bit further, was there anything in the novel that you found difficult to put on the screen and which required you to bring something new to the table?

Rosenberg: Absolutely, I was able to bring some stuff to the table, but it's born out of the essence of the book, the intention. The evil vampires, for instance, don't even show up in the book until the last twenty-five percent of the story, but you've got to figure they've been around. Where have they been? What are they doing? I'm taking from the book the characters Meyer create and giving these guys a little story. I'm letting the audience know there's this impending thing. Plus, those characters are fun. [laughs] Any time I can put them on screen was fun.

Read the rest right here.

I love me some evil vampire backstory, don't you? =)

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