Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Will Rosalie be the Shining Star?

The Movie Fanatic has an article up discussing the actress Nikki Reed, who will portray Rosalie, the gorgeous but shallow vampire in the Twilight movie.
NIKKI REED: A superb actress in a supporting role, will she outshine the leads?
To be quite frank, I haven't seen her act. Thirteen is her most famous film, and it was also directed by Catherine Hardwicke, so I'd really love to see it. She's definitely beautiful enough to play Rosalie, there's no denying that. And apparently tMF, as well as others, think that she will be great.
It just seems like Nikki Reed is perfect for the role! She's definitely tall (5'71/2"), looks even better than some of the fashion models walking the runways, and has a strong screen presence.
I support Nikki all the way! You have to be pretty darn brave to play such a spiteful character, even if she does have boys drooling over her. I'm not sure she's going to outshine Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but she definitely will be bright. We might have to wear shades when we see this movie. (Bahahahaha...)
To read the entire article (it's quite long), go here.

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