Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WARNING: Breaking Dawn May Contain Material Not Suitable for Children

USA Today snatched an interesting interview with the one we all worship, Stephenie Meyer:

Details are scarce, but Meyer, who says she finds it hard to keep secrets, has released a few.
The most startling: Her editors asked her to tone down the violence in Breaking Dawn, which she did, and discussed putting an age warning on the book, which she says she supported, although it didn't happen.
"I was for an age limit of 15 or 16 and a warning," says Meyer. "I think the content is just a little harder to handle, a little bit more grown-up for really young kids. I have 9-year-old readers, and I think it's too old for them. Some of it's violence, and some of it's just mature themes."

Hmm. 'Mature themes', huh? Well, I'm not nine years old, so I think I can handle it. Though I may have to leave my night light on while I sleep...

Read the rest of this article here. But be warned, they post the spoiler that Stephenie Meyer revealed earlier. (It's not a big deal though, truthfully.) But proceed with caution if you want to be completely in the dark before reading.

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