Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Want a Taste?"

The Comic Con news is never ending, I swear! Posting all these articles and photos and videos is more of a workout than if I were outside in the sun and fresh air running a marathon. Anyway, these photos along with these next paragraphs are from just another article on the crazy questions Twilighters have been dying to ask their favorite celebrities:

Straight to the point: When Robert Pattinson, who plays the sexy vampire Edward Cullen, was asked what it was like “to play a super-hot vampire” it took a few minutes for him to try and give an answer because the crowd went ape-shit. “I can’t even hear anything,” he said, stumbling over his words. He explained that he didn’t even really see himself in that light, though it was obvious by the crowd’s reaction that no one believed him.

One young lady just stepped up to the mic and asked Pattinson, “How does it feel to be one of the hottest guys in [couldn’t hear over the screams], because I want YOU, baby, woo hoo!” As Pattinson struggled to answer, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off watching my friend David Chen of /Film sitting beside me holding his head. That question was so awesome.
– When Kristen Stewart — who plays Edward’s love interest, the human Bella — was asked what attracted her to the role, she said, “Well, there was the audition scene with Robert on Catherine’s bed,” referencing the hot love scene the duo used for their auditions for director Catherine Hardwicke.
– When Pattinson was asked what attracted him to the role, there was so much screaming he said he couldn’t concentrate. Giving up on giving a thought-providing answer, he said, “I just wanted to play the hottest vampire in the world .. it hurts me to think of myself.”
– Talking about unexpected or spontaneous happenings during the filming, the other cast members outed Pattinson by mentioning a certain kissing scene where Pattinson got a little too involved in the scene and ended up falling off the bed and onto the floor.

Regarding the film’s soundtrack, there will be a song from the band Muse. There was also a hint that Robert Pattinson might have a song on the soundtrack as well, referring to a song called “Bella’s Lullaby” which Pattinson reportedly is composing for the film. This is a song in the Edward plays on the piano for his love Bella.

It's evident that many publicists are rolling their eyes at the squealing fangirls and ridiculous questions. I'm just wondering what's wrong with having a blast in the eyes of these people? Wouldn't it be dull if everyone was dead silent and people asked grave questions in monotone voices like, "Excuse me, Mr. Pattinson, sir, what brand of clothing did you wear for your character?" Personally, I'm loving that people are going nuts and asking hilarious personal questions as if the people sitting on the panel are simply friends instead of super famous movie stars from the planet Hollywood.

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