Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vampires and Werewolves and Bella, Oh My!

Twilight Series Theories is just bursting with great questions, another one being:

Do you think anybody will find out about the vampires or werewolves? Who?

If anyone, I think Charlie, Renee, or both might find out about the mythical beings that have been thriving under their oblivious noses. If Bella does indeed become a vampire, I don't see how she can possibly hide it from her parents. Won't they get a bit curious when Bella comes to visit them time and time again, and never changes? When Charlie's a babbling old man, I'm sure he'll be able to salvage enough sense to at least wonder why Bella still looks eighteen after all these years. (Or maybe he'll assume that plastic surgery is working its magic.) If Bella doesn't become a vampire...I still think the parental units will find out. Bella might finally say 'Okay, enough lies!' or maybe Charlie gets put in mortal danger and one of the vampires has to reveal themselves to save him. If Bella marries Edward (please marry him, Bella, please!) then that makes him a permanent part of her life - as well as her parents' lives. Heck, they're going to wonder why Edward never ages a day over seventeen, too, unless she's planning to hide him in her closet whenever Charlie or Renee pay a visit. On the werewolf side of the story, I think Charlie may find out about them, too. Billy is his good friend, and if something even worse than what happened in Eclipse devestates Forks in Breaking Dawn, Charlie is going to find something out. Is he really so clueless? I'm going to feel some serious sympathy for him when he finally does discover that some of the people closest to him are not what they seem.

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