Friday, July 18, 2008

Twilight Trailer #2: Whaddya Think?

Larry Carroll has been working frenziedly to keep the Twilighters pumped (as if it's possible to placate us) over at MTV. He recently posted a blog about round two of the Twilight trailers, asking us what we thought of it.
Judging by the delighted cries of "OME!" not many people thought ill of it.
And judging by my swooning response, I'd say I most certainly did not think ill of it either.
But what exactly did I love about this trailer, which, by the way, was 37465748757 to the power of 50.7 times better than the first 59-second one?
I'll tell you.
It was very stimulating how this one really illustrated the tense action aspects of the movie. Yeah, I love to see some serious romance sparking between Edward and Bella, but that's basically all we recieved in the first trailer. And, honestly, googly-eyed looks and lovey-dovey moments aren't going to get the masses excited for this movie. It's the combination of danger and romance that makes people go "Oh, wow, now THAT looks good!" It was about time we saw how lethal some vampires can be - that flashing scene with the worker being assaulted by the Nomads was very blood-curdling.
James. Cam Gigandet did an immaculate job making this dude truly frightening. When he catches of whiff of Bella's mouthwatering scent and then turns to her and Edward and says, "You brought a snack" in that eerily cheery made me want to clutch the table to keep from diving under my desk and curl up into a shivering ball. And then with him racing through the trees with a crazed look on his face, never to stop until he captures Bella...*casts a nervous glance out the window*
I LOVE LAURENT'S VOICE. I can't tell what it is, but he has a hint of an underlying accent that only adds to the sheer intensity of his words..."He's got unparalleled senses, absolutely lethal..."
Edward, Edward, oh my Edwardness. Robert Pattinson is just so completely and utterly Edwardlicious, it's mind-blowing. Whenever I paused on his face (believe me, I did that A LOT), he always had such an passionate expression, whether it be agony, fright, or rage. SO POWERFUL. Not to mention how tremendously sexy he is. I nearly gasped at the godliness of his face (and his silky, ominous voice) when he asked Bella, "Are you afraid?" And then when he turned to James (while looking sharp in that old-school baseball uniform *swoon*) with an absolutely furious spark to his eye. I'm trying to figure out if it was Edward who ranted, "The hunt is his obsession...HE'LL NEVER STOP!" I recall him saying something similar to that in the book as they were in the car racing for Bella's life. If it was sentence right there was what gave me massive chills. Robert is Edward. Period. There isn't a shred of doubt in my mind.
When Bella asked in a kind of dazed but secretly knowing voice, "An animal...?" that was just amazing. And when she said, "I'm only afraid of losing you" to Edward as their faces were inches apart was even MORE amazing. Edward looked so torn at that moment. Kristen sounded so genuine when she was shrieking, "What, now he's coming after me?!" And again Edward's face was just like..."What to do, what to do?! I hate him! What to do?!"
Was that Charlie who said that a security guard was killed by some kind of animal? If so...I'm diggin' the mustache. I think I actually might have pictured Charlie in my head with mustache...
Overall this trailer made me die and go to heaven, come back down to earth and faint, wake up and start hyperventiliating, calm down enough to stare in amazement at my computer screen, whisper "Oh my god," under my breath about fifty some odd times, fall out of my chair and die again, then come back to life and fall in love. Now that's something.
Anyhow, if you want to gush to Larry about your Twilight trailer ordeal then go right here.

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