Sunday, July 27, 2008

Twilight Takes Over Hot Topic

I don't think I've ever been inside an actual Hot Topic store. And no, it's not because the cashiers have lip rings or because day turns to night once you set a foot through the door. I think it's just because Hot Topic's clothing and accessories are...drastically beyond my personal style. I mean, I'll admit the same for Christopher & Banks - I'm not an old person and that's that.
BUT I might just have to break that habit of walking straight past it in the local mall (and I'm talking about Hot Topic, here, not the store for oldsters). Why?

That's why! I love to flaunt my Twilight obsession and what better way to do so than by sporting a wicked awesome Twilight T-shirt? Hot Topic, here I come! I'm sure Hot Topic shop owners across the nation are going to be wondering why preppy girls in pink mini-skirts and precarious silver high-heels are suddenly flooding into their dark clutches. Maybe this will clear it up for them - although I am not, I repeat, NOT one of those preppy girls in the high-heels. Just so you know.

Pictures from Twilight Extremists.

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