Friday, July 25, 2008

Twilight Panel Q&A - Great Quality!

I know these are pretty much repeats of the other videos I've been showing you, but this filmer was close enough (and wise enough) to be able to train the camera on the actual panel members themselves and not the giant hovering screen. It's superb quality, and you can hear practically everything each star is saying.

This is what I have to say about these clips: Catherine Hardwicke looked like she was totally enjoying herself, Stephenie Meyer was toying with her outrageous audience as always (I'm referring to that remark about her favorite Bella and Edward moment being in BOOK FOUR), Robert Pattinson looked flustered but he was surprisingly witty and humorous with his comebacks (and lookin' fine as usual), Kristen Stewart was cute but obviously extremely nervous with all that stuttering around, Cam Gigandet was pretty nonchalant and thought he looked good (heck, he looks real good), Rachelle Lefevre seemed to relish the attention and was all smiles, Edi Gathegi was tied with Rob for some of the funniest answers and sharpest remarks, and Taylor Lautner shoud have recieved some more love but he was a total beaming cutie as always.

Credit: sweetchildog

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