Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Twilight on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Whew, hot much? Kristen Stewart looks incredibly gorgeous and Robert Pattinson looks dangerously sexy. However, as other people have said, it looks more like the two are posing as Robert and Kristen instead of Edward and Bella. I mean, really, the camera should have snapped as Bella is falling backward in her clumsiness and Edward is catching her, his golden eyes (not blue) fixed on her with the utmost intensity...and maybe with less girly hair. Hehe. But either way, they both look like gods and I love the artsy perspective.
This was posted on Stephenie Meyer's website. It said, Head to your newsstands this Friday to pick up the latest Entertainment Weekly with TWILIGHT on the cover! Entertainment Weekly wanted to give the fans a first look at the cover (and they have given us permission to let fansites know they can post it as well!). The article inside has Stephenie's FIRST BREAKING DAWN interview (don't worry, no spoilers!). Enjoy! Click here to go to Stephenie's page and see the image full sized. I'll be keeping a lookout for this magazine issue!

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