Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Twilight Movie: What's the Story with Rosalie, Anyway?

It's another terrific Twilight Tuesday, folks! This time we really get to hear from Nikki Reed, who will play Rosalie Hale in the Twilight film. Right off the bat, we delve into Rosalie's character and background, and Nikki brings up some great points that make me sure she truly understands where Rosalie is coming from. She mentions how Rose's seemingly spiteful disposition toward Bella is actually the realization that Bella has what she doesn't. Bella is a normal human being and Edward saw something worthwile in her that he never saw in Rosalie. And speaking of Edward and Bella, Nikki also discusses the immense pressure on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to play our two favorite characters and how well they are doing. (I for one, think their chemistry comes naturally; it's there even off screen.) Lastly, Nikki tells us how it was more of a coincidence than anything else that she and Catherine Hardwicke are working on a second film together (the last one being Thirteen) and about her conversations with some Twilighters after she locked herself in a hallway during filming. Nikki is great in interviews and I hope to hear more from her in the future! I can't wait to see how she portrays the envious, but understandable Rosalie on December 12th.

Credit: MTV

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