Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twilight the Movie Pictures

Man, Robert Pattinson has such a dazzling confused expression. And do I see a tint of gold to those pretty eyes?

Credit: David Strick of Hollywood Backlot

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Anonymous said...

twilight is awsome i cant wait till the movie new moon gonna come out if it does which i think it will

Anonymous said...

omg he is so hot! i love the books and i cant wait until he other movies come out! and can't wait until the 5th book, midnight sun, comes out! yay!


robert pattinson and twilight on FIRE!!! kristen and robert look sooo cute together(i hate that about kristen stawt)!!
im totally the biggest twilight fan EVER!!!
the cast is so cool and robert pattinson is such a good artist, only another thing to love about him:)

Anonymous said...

Twilight was the best movie and book ever to come to hollywood and stores. and yes edward cullen is VERY hot!robert pattinson is such a good person and good singer. him and kristen are the perfect roles of bella and edward and so are the rest of the rest of the cast!

Anonymous said...

i love robert pattinson so much. he seems like a sweet boy and i kinda feel sorry for him that he just wants a girlfriend in his life.he is very handsome and his character edward is VERY hot in twilight.i love the twilight books because i find it very unique that it was all in stephenie meyer's dream. I wish i could have that kind of dream!!

Anonymous said...

The 1st i saw the movie in the comercial i think its bored but not. that is so beautiful movie. the main character Robert Pattison hes so handsome and a best actor. I love the movie and i love the character.