Friday, July 18, 2008

Twilight the Movie Pictures

The very talented photographer David Strick over at LA Times' Hollywood Backlot has some amazing Twilight photos. Yeah, you've seen them before. Well now he has even more and they are double the others on the amaze-o-meter. I'll show one each day so you can gaze in wonder at them...and yes, they all feature Robert Pattinson. < 3
So this photograph reminds me of an awkward conversation. It would go something like this...
Robert: " about them trees over there?"
Kristen: "Yeah, uh, they're cool. I like trees."
Robert: "Trees...who doesn't love them? I mean, they do take in our carbon dioxide and make oxygen for us to breathe. Did you know that?"
Kristen: "No, I didn't. That's...fascinating."
Robert: *thinking* I'm an idiot...
I'm sure you're smoother than that, Rob...well, maybe not. But Kristen just doesn't understand. If you ever started rambling to me about trees and carbon dioxide, I'd be like, "You're a freaking amazing genius. Marry me."

Credit: David Strick of Hollywood Backlot

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