Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Twilight Movie: For the Last Time, Harry Potter is Not Like Twilight

Seeing as it is Twilight Tuesday (*cheers sound across the globe*) we have an interview with Robert Pattinson. You know what I like about this interview? Besides the fact that Robert Pattinson's crazy hair brightens my whole day? Rob really seems to hammer the point down that Harry Potter and Twilight (two books/movies that are constantly compared with obstinate determination) are not alike at all. He was completely correct when he said that Twilight is so much more intimate, so that we really get to know and love the characters as if they were in our own world. With Harry Potter, it's more action and less character development. I commend you, Spunk, on your revelations! You're brilliant, and you don't even have to try! Oh, oh! And we now know just what Robert Pattinson was thinking when the picture was taken of him trying to bite a baby's head off. If you haven't seen the picture I'm talking about, you can take a look right here. This guy makes me giggle to no end. I just have to do it quietly so that my parents and brother in the next room don't think I'm coo-coo. Yeah, I am coo-coo, but they don't know that. So shhhhh!

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