Thursday, July 24, 2008

Twilight is Tradable, Too!

I'll trade you a Bella for an Edward!
No way, man!
How about TWO Bellas?!
This limited edition Edward card is worth at least infinity Bella cards.
Two Bellas plus a JASPER?
Inworks will be creating Twilight trading cards (dude, these will so own Pokemon and baseball) that will be available to the public in November of 2008. It said this on their site:
Based on the new movie that opens December 12, 2008. Features autograph cards, Pieceworks cards and MORE. More Information Soon!
They will be giving away free Bella trading cards *points to image above* to those visiting Comic Con tomorrow. Trading card isn't exactly a proper name, because I'd just collect them all and hoard them for myself.

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