Friday, July 11, 2008

Is Twilight Being Blown Out of Proportion?

I just read an article here about how all the publicists that have been enthusiastically advertising Twilight the Movie are going overboard in saying that this film adaptation is sure to be a big hit. I understand and respect this person's perspective, but there's one thing about this article that makes me boil inside. It's this little quote right here: My opinion would probably be drastically different had the first trailer been any good, but since it looked television cheap I can only go with what I have seen.
Correct, you can't assume that the film is going to be all the rage. But neither can you judge it and call it television crap based on a 59 second trailer. It was a teaser trailer, which meant it was a little clip hastily put together before all of the film was even edited. They already made changes, and they're going to continue making changes until Summit, the directors, and the producers deem it perfect. (Okay, maybe not Summit. All they care about is money. But Catherine Hardwicke and company want it good.) Small clips that are out of context like that don't often validate the quality of the movie in it's entirety, from the opening scenes, through the climax, and to the end credits.
Another thing that made me give my computer screen a face as if it had eyes and feelings was when the author compared Twilight to Eragon. I'm sorry, but Eragon's fandom is quite minute compared to all the Twilighters across the globe. I know he apologized for this afterward, but still. It's not hard to research before you open your trap...or in this case open your laptop.
I'm probably a bit biased. But what I'm trying to say - and I think this goes for any movie being made from a successful book - is that radical judgement should be reserved for when we're walking out of the dark movie theater with an empty soda cup in our hands.

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