Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tsk, Tsk, Taylor!

I'd like to tell you beforehand that this is extremely random. The only relation this has to Twilight is that it's about 2.5 seconds of Taylor Lautner, who as we all know, plays our favorite wolf pup in Twilight.

Hokay, so you're about to learn a gigantic secret about Taylor. Are you ready? He has...a bad habit. I mean, a SUPER DUPER bad habit. I'm going to have nightmares about it tonight. I already am and I haven't even gone to sleep yet. It's that bloody awful. Sheesh. I don't see how anyone can live with him. I bet he lives by himself in a dumpster. Not even the mice can bear to be around him.
Since it's so horrifyingly horrifying that I can't even describe it, I'll just let you watch the interview Popstar had with Taylor about it right here. Don't blame me if you wake up screaming in the night.

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