Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ten Things We Learned at Comic Con

Give a cheer for Twilight Tuesday, Fanpires. *whoo!* Larry Carroll caught some interviews with the stars before and after their rocky Comic Con ride. Robert Pattinson's game plan: try not to wet his pants. Taylor Lautner's reaction to the screeching fans: they're insane but awesome. Cam Gigandet's observation: there's thousands of them for miles. And there's never a bad time for a lesson, because here's ten things we learned about Twilight from Comic Con 2008:

1. We Believe in Spunk Ransom
2. Tonight, We Dine in Forks!
3. No Needles, Just Pins
4. Laurent Wants to be a Guitar Hero
5. Your Welcome, Cam
6. Robert Pattinson is a Better Musician Than He Thinks
7. The Twilight Actors are Yummy in More Ways Than One
8. Getting to Know You
9. Want a Preview of the Film's Fight Moves? Watch 'Never Back Down'
10. Lullaby and Good Night

See what this curriculum is all about right here!

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