Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taylor Lautner: The Ninja Clone

ReelzChannel grabbed a nice little interview with Taylor Lautner, our werewolf chum for Twilight the Movie. Aw, wasn't he just adorable as a youngin' in those films? I knew he was in Sharkboy and Lavagirl and Cheaper by the Dozen, but I did not know that he was a butt-kicking, ten-year-old ninja. When I first saw that crazy wig on him, I couldn't help but snicker a bit. Now I think it actually looks pretty good on him. I think it fits his face and of course that contagious grin. Seriously, whenever he smiles, it's as if I'm his reflection and I automatically smile back.

Credit: ReelzChannel

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Heather said...

Nice interview... I like to see Taylor getting some play. I also liked the question they posed at the end about Twilight v. Harry Potter. It'll be an interesting late-year match-up.

Twilighter said...

Yeah, they've been constantly comparing the two books/movies. I've never really been a Harry Potter fan. I mean, the movies are good and all, but I really didn't like the books. I only read through half of he fourth one and gave up.