Thursday, July 24, 2008

Survey Time!

This is from Twilight Series Theories:

1. Which team are you? Definitely Edward. But I do like Jacob, too. :)
2. Who are your top 3 favorite Cullens (other than Edward of course)? Alice, Jasper, and Carlisle. Alice is just so entertaining, the way she's dancing around all the time and exaggerating everything. Jasper is really kind and he has an interesting background. And the way Carlisle can be so immune to scent of human blood that he can help save their lives is very moving.
3. Which is your favorite couple in the books? I'm assuming this means besides Bella and Edward, right? It would Alice and Jasper, or Sam and Emily. Both relationships have unique stories behind them and they are as deep as Edward and Bella's.
4. What is your favorite scene in the books? In Eclipse, it's either when Edward gives Bella the motorcycle gear to try on and he tells her she looks very sexy (baha, it was just utterly amazing to hear Edward say something like that) or when Bella asks Edward why he doesn't want her to be a vampire and Edward asks Bella why she doesn't want to marry him. Seeing Edward worried that Bella was more eager for immortality than him was heart-melting.
5. Who is your least favorite character in the series? Victoria, Jane, or Jessica. They're all equally bad, in my opinion. That's right, I'm ranking innocent human Jessica up with the evil vampires.
6. Bella: Human or Vampire? Well, I would really love to see Bella as a vampire so that she and Edward can be together for eternity. And she'll have a kick-butt power. At the same time, becoming an un-dead creature is just a bit of a drastic action to take at the ripe age of eighteen. This is how I want it to play out, it would be perfect: Bella gets hurt so that she's on the brink of death, and so Edward has to bite her. It puts Carlisle's philosophy into play.
7. Who can’t you even contemplate dying in the series? If any of the Cullens or Jacob die, I'm going to be chronically depressed for the rest of my life.
8. Which character wouldn’t you mind dying in the series? Um, Jane. Or Bella. *snickersnicker* In a GOOD way for Bella. If she becomes a vampire, that means she dies, right?
9. Who is your favorite villain? James was. Now, it's probably Aro. He's so happy-go-lucky that it disturbs me.
10. How did you find Twilight? Alright, so I was reading this great group of books called the Pendragon Series. I finished the latest book and had nothing to read, so my mom went online and researched the recommendations for other books from people who had read Pendragon. Apparently Twilight was one of them, so my mom skipped off to the bookstore and bought it for me. I had never heard of it before, so it wasn't as if I had any strong anticipations when picking it up. But I was hopelessly hooked by the first sentence. < 3

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