Thursday, July 3, 2008

Twilight Stars Sweep Competition Again

Saturday Night Magazine has a list of Top 20 Rising Stars Under 30 on their website. And though I can tell you already know who's going to be right up at the top, I'm going to tell you anyway. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson! Surprised? Neither was I!
2. Kristen Stewart
Age: 18
Where You've Seen Her: Stewart most recently had a cameo in Jumper, but you’ll most likely recognize her from Into the Wild, Zathura, The Messengers or Panic Room.
Coming Soon: This multi-genre actress will star in the upcoming flicks Welcome to the Riley’s and Adventureland as well as taking a lead role in the horror/romance Twilight.
Hotness factor: This natural beauty, born in Colorado and raised in Los Angeles, has come a long way since co-starring with Jodie Foster in Panic Room when she was just 12. Her performances have already caught the eye of many critics but it is her role as the teenager who falls for a vampire in Twilight that will make her a household name.
6. Robert Pattinson
Age: 22
Where You’ve Seen Him: The chisel-jawed Brit gained quite a few female fans with his role as handsome Triwizard Cup competitor Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Coming Soon: Having already appeared in one best-selling book series turned movie franchise, Pattinson will next repeat that formula with a lead role in the highly anticipated vampire movie Twilight, alongside fellow rising star Kristen Stewart.
Buzz Factor: Based on the hype surrounding Twilight, we’re betting that by the time the film releases on Dec.12 and starts raking in serious box office cash, Pattinson should be well on his way to becoming the next Jude Law.

Congratulations to Bella and Edward for making it as number 2 and number 6 in a total of 20 aspiring stars! Twilight fans are conquering the word one poll, one list at a time.
Go here for more information, as well as to see the other top 20 actors/actresses - there are some pretty talented people on there!

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