Thursday, July 31, 2008

Preparing for the Finale

I've decided that Breaking Dawn, being the very end of Bella's perspective on the story, is going to require a bit of preperation. So I thought, what better way to do just that than rereading all my favorite scenes from the other three books? This is how it's going to go down:

From Twilight:
Where Bella first sees Edward at lunch
When Bella and Edward do the lab in Biology
The whole van and hospital scene
When Tyler asks Bella to the dance
When Edward asks Bella if she wants a ride to Seattle
Bella and Edward's first talk at lunch
Bella's faint from blood-typing
The entire Port Angeles scene
When Edward first offers Bella a ride to school
The day at school after the Port Angeles incident
The meadow scene, of course *sigh*
The night after the meadow scene and the next morning *sigh again*
Baseball vampire style
And pretty much the entire ending to Twilight - epilogue included

From New Moon:
Bella and Edward watching Romeo and Juliet
When Bella first goes to visit Jacob
When Bella and Jacob ride motorcycles
The movies
Laurent and the werewolves in the meadow
Trip to Italy
The rest of the book...with EDWARD!

From Eclipse:
When Edward and Jacob confront each other at school
When Bella helps Angela with her announcements
When Edward gets back from hunting after Alice has held Bella hostage
When Bella sees Edward's motorcyle
When Edward tells Bella why he doesn't want her to become a vampire and Bella tells Edward why she doesn't want to marry him
When Jacob tells Bella he loves her (oddly enough I though it was sweet...o_O) and when she punches him
When Bella first interacts with Jacob when he's a werewolf
When Bella asks Edward to drop out of the battle
When Edward 'kidnaps' Bella and when he proposes to her *sigh*
Edward and Jacob's talk in the tent while Bella is 'asleep'
When Edward and Bella tell each other their favorite nights together
Near the end where Edward and Bella are in their meadow

Phew! This will be fun. =)

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