Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Plus Side to Having a Vampire Fiance: A NICE Ring

Holy crow! (To use Bella's lingo) I hope that when my own personal Edward Cullen swoops in and carries me up to the stars, he proposes to me with a bling this beautiful. And guess what? It's for sale, courtesy of From what I can tell, there are many different versions of this splendor, and the prices range from $69.00 to over $2,200.00. My Edwardness. This ain't some cheap plastic ring you win at the arcade for a quarter...

Squelch your curiosity right here. But be warned. There have been countless reports of dizziness, difficulty breathing, loss of bowel control, HPSS (High-Pitched Squealing Syndrome), and even heart-attacks from viewers of this site. Proceed at your own risk. (I think I they should put blindness on there, as well. Too...shiny...can't...see...)

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