Thursday, July 10, 2008

Penelope DVD Twilight Introduction

Good quality this time, too! Although it isn't the entire thing, it still makes me jump up and down with delight. Words simply are not capable of describing Robert Pattinson's perfection. Kristen is wonderful, too, though she might have to grow on me a bit. They all look like they're having such a blast. It makes me want to be an actress, which is absolutey asinine because I'm one of the most insecure girls you'll ever meet. Half a second after the camera starts rolling and I'll be hiding under a table.

Credit: Twilight Lexicon! From their site:
-The Penelope DVD starting Tuesday (July 15) contains an exclusive scene from Twilight that has not yet been released to any other outlet.
-The attached clip is the "behind the scenes" introduction that leads into the scene from Twilight.
-The report from Video Business (quoted on multiple sites ) that there is a Twilight "trailer" on the Penelope DVD is incorrect. The Penelope DVD contains an actual scene from the movie between Bella and Edward.


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Heather said...

Good quality video, thanks for the post.

Also, I think that I've generally liked Kristin Stewart in other stuff I've seen her in (In the Land of Women was a really tough/complex role that she pulled off with genius), but I think she comes across as taking the whole "awkward/insecure" thing too far in this role and it comes off weird. I'm kind of reserving my judgements (as best I can) until I see the entire film in it's final edited version.

Twilighter said...

I have to admit that I haven't seen some of Kristen's best films, like In the Land of Women, Panic Room, and Into the Wild. I probably should, and maybe I'd respect her a bit more. I'm really trying to reserve my judegment, too. They make a alot of changes while editing. But from what I've seen so far, I'm really excited. =)