Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OME - Second Twilight Teaser Trailer!

I love the scene in the car where it stops on Edward's breathtaking face. I love the scene in the forest where Edward asks in his silky voice if Bella is afraid. I love the scene where Edward and Bella are facing one another just inches apart and Bella says she's only afraid of losing him. I love the scene where the two of them are strolling along while Edward tells Bella he's not the most dangerous thing out there, and then James, Victoria, and Laurent come waltzing at high-speed from the mist. I love the scene where Edward and Bella are dressed in baseball attire and then James looks at them with those black eyes and tells Edward he brought a snack. I love the scene where James is dashing like a jaguar through the underbrush and then Laurent warns how lethal he is. I love the scene where Edward strokes Bella's cheeks and tells her he will do whatever it takes to make her safe again. I love the scene where Edward leaps from tree to tree with Bella on his back. And I love the ending scene with Edward viciously attacking James while destroying the floor of the ballet studio in the process. To summarize: I love the whole thing. Even more spectacular than the first trailer, excluding the annoying jabbering narrator.

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Heather said...

Seriously, they made James like crazy sexy in this film (and I think I like it... I never really got that from the book). The way he looks when he says, "You brought a snack," was sweet!

Twilighter said...

Yes, yes, yes.
James = crazy, crazy sexy.

Jordan said...

do you really live in Forks??? cause if you did that would be soooo amazing....but i am sure you dont which sucks!!!

Twilighter said...

Hehe, I wish. But I do live really close to Forks, I think it's only an hour or less away. So maybe I have some vampires near me. =D