Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, If I Were a Vampire...

I was bumbling along and spotted this question:

Q: Which one of the vampires’ powers would YOU want if you were bitten? It could be anyone from a Cullen to a Volturi.

I think Jasper's power is very unique and useful. Being able to "taste" an person's (or persons') emotions and then alter them has so many advantages. And yet, it's not absolutely necessary. Edward's mind reading abilities happen whether he wants them to or not, and he has to struggle to tune peoples' thoughts out. The same goes for Alice; she can't seem to help when she sees something significant happening in the future. To me, both of those talents would be more like curses than gifts because they are exploited against the will. (Although with Alice's you probably have a bit more say and it can be a HUGE help in preventing disasters...) But with Jasper's power, if you feel like it's crucial that you change one's feelings, you can. But if you don't think it's necessary, then you can leave them alone. I can think of many occasions when subduing or enhancing someone's emotions would come in handy. If an evil vampire was coming after me, full of rage because I accidentally ran over their cat Fluffy, then I would be able to calm them, and they would have no reason to attack. If I had to squeeze some serious information from someone, but they were being pigheaded, I could force them to be comfortable enough to spill everything. And if my boyfriend wasn't looking forward to being dragged along to go dress shopping, I could change his reluctant attitude into one of enthusiasm. The list goes on. What's more is that I am already a very perceptive person, and I can read people's expressions fairy easily and get the gist of what they are feeling. So if I had Jasper's power, it would be like an extension of myself. As far as the Volturi go, I don't think I would be able to bear using Jane's talent on someone. It sounds awful. Aro's power wouldn't be that bad, because he has to come in contact with someone in order to hear their thoughts, and he can hear all the thoughts they ever thought. But what if he accidentally bumped into someone? Does that mean a bunch of random thoughts from a stranger come pouring into his brain?

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