Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No New Twilight Trailer, Then YES New Twilight Trailer?!

Alright, alright. So remember when I said that other people were saying that what Entertainment Tonight said about how they were going have a never-before-seen trailer on Tuesday night was a lie? Try saying that ten times fast...Nope, couldn't do it. ANYWAY...guess what Twilighters?!

ET is going to be showing a new, never-before-seen-by-mortal-eyes Twilight trailer! Oh my Edwardness! This is assuming that this statement isn't another one of those "PSYCH!" things:

The clarification has now been verified that - barring any breaking entertainment news stories that would bump the segment - Entertainment Tonight will air the world premiere of a BRAND NEW Twilight trailer TODAY!!! (This trailer will be available online Thursday regardless of whether it premieres on ET tonight.)

So if you can't scramble to find Entertainment tonight on your TV, or you don't even have a TV for various mysterious reasons (your sister stole it for college, you are on an anti-television strike, a ninja flew in a karate-chopped it in half), never fear! The trailer - please, please let it be true that it is indeed a trailer - will be available online for Twilight World to have strokes over.

Information from His Golden Eyes. You better not be lying, or I'm coming after you with my torch and pitchfork.

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