Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Moon Needs a Theme Song, Too

After bestowing Twilight with its rightful theme songs, I realized that I couldn't simply stop there. I wouldn't want Twilight's brother (or sister? Books have genders?) to feel left out, so I began rummaging through my iPod's playlist for the perfect New Moon song. Well, actually, songs would be more like it, because a complex tale like Twilight or New Moon can't possibly have a mere one song to summarize it. I picked four. Give me a break, it was a tough enough choice as is!
-Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
-Feels Like Tonight by Daughtry
-On the Way Down by Ryan Cabrera
-Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down
Voila! Explanation time. Things just can't go without clarification with me, it's physically impossible.
Bring Me to Life - The singer is feeling cold and dead inside and she's pleading for someone to bring her to life and give her meaning again. This is Bella right after Edward left her. You remember as well as I do how lifeless she was. She wanted Edward to come back and revive her, but he wasn't going to. Another way to look at it is that she wants Jacob to save her. Either one works for the story.
Feels Like Tonight - This song talking about how broken this person feels because he failed the one he loves, and now he wants to make it up to them. He feels like tonight is the night. That's how Edward feels, and so he finally comes back. His heart has been torn to shreds, he feels ashamed and guilty, and during that night they spend together, he tries to tell Bella how much he really loves her.
On the Way Down - The person's life is taking a dive, they're falling helplessly, and then they find someone to lift them back up. Can you say 'Bella and Jacob's relationship'? Bella was hopeless without Edward, but then shining Jacob bounced into her life and helped her to her feet. The transformation was clear. Jacob was just what Bella needed.
Let Me Go - The singer in this song is telling this person who he clearly loves and who clearly loves him to let him go because he isn't right for her. A.K.A, Edward's excuse to leave Bella. Edward knew he was dangerous, Bella didn't realize it, and so he was pleading for Bella to just let him go and get on with her life - a normal life. Pfft, as if.
I'm going to add these songs to the playlist at the bottom of my page. It will be Twilight AND New Moon theme songs. I'll probably add some for Eclipse later.

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stephanie isabella said...

I totally agree with u those songs r perfect also show me the meaning of beign lonely and never had a dream come true lol

Val said...

those songs r great but i would also have almost lover by a fine frenzy because the lyrics seems as it was ment to be 4 the book