Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MTV Wants Our Suggestions

Poor Larry Carroll.
Regarding yesterday's Twilight Tuesday, which talked about the Bella Cullen Project, a new band formed by three girls around their love for the Twilight Saga, people had some harsh reactions. While reading a few of the comments left behind, I got the gist of what people were saying. Pretty much: "We don't care about stuff like Twilight bands, we want more on the movie! NOW!"
Larry, being the cool and supportive guy he is, posted this on his blog: I was hoping to maybe do a future piece on The Mitch Hansen band as many of you say, but I wanted to see how you guys enjoyed the Bella Cullen story first. Thanks for everyone’s honest comments, but it seems some people don’t like when we step out of the box like this. What do you guys think? Would you like to see more stories on people like the Bella Cullens, the NoMoreMarbles, Mitch Hansen, etc.? It’s your Twilight Tuesdays, guys, so you tell me.
Want to know what I think? (No!) Oh well, I'm telling you anyway. That's what a blog is for. I think 'stepping out of the box' a bit is great. Sure, I'm dying to see more on Spunk Ransom as much as the next fangirl, but there are many tuesdays ahead of us and only so much news to bring. We don't want to rush all of the incredible stuff, do we? I, for one, love to know what's going on with average people like us...people who adore the Twilight story as much as we do. So, Larry, I say give us a wide range of news. Focus mainly on the movie, sure, but throw in a random fascinating story every now and then, too!
What do you think Larry should give us? Head on over here here and leave your opinions. But be nice to Larry. Who else is going to bring us the greatest nonstop news on our favorite subject? No one, that's who.

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