Thursday, July 24, 2008

MTV at Comic Con: 'Twilight Fans Stretch One-Mile Deep'

According to those lucky ducks at MTV, the 2008 Comic Con is turning out to be pretty wild:

Thousands of fans stretched nearly a mile, many of them lining up Wednesday evening, to get into Hall H today for today’s “Twilight” panel. A quick walk down the line spotted many fans with T-shirts shouting “Twilight Moms,” “I’m Dazzled” and other Cullen-inspired phrases.

As the fans stood in the blazing San Diego sun, however, there were a few things they didn’t know. Moments earlier, a banner reportedly collapsed in Hall H, pulling down some dangerous hanging materials. It sent dozens fleeing the area, and sent at least one person to the hospital, reportedly with a concussion.

My sincerest apologies to in the unfortunate fan who happened to be minding their own business beneath the wrong banner at the wrong time - I couldn't help but smile a bit when I read that second paragraph, though. I can just see the newspaper headline now: HALL H BANNER DISASTER AT SAN DIEGO COMIC CON LEFT ONE INJURED AND THOUSANDS BAFFLED! On a less sarcastic note, it's so great to see that Twilight's never ending fandom is proving its worth to the world - the comic world, that is. And if you think the thousands of Twilighters actually attending Comic Con is a lot, you should see just how many fans wish they were there! *waves hands*

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