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MTV at Comic Con: Edward's Love for Spandex Revealed

Here's Larry Carroll's chat with anxious Robert Pattinson right before he's about to be greeted by the terror of his life - over 6,000 squeals of "I LOVE YOU!" This kid doesn't even have to try to be funny - maybe it comes naturally to those Brits.

MTV: Welcome to Comic-Con, Rob. Have you had time yet to look out at all the people?
Robert Pattinson: No, I haven't. I'm terrified that they're all the hate-mail people [laughs], and I'm going to get killed.
MTV: Oh, but they love you now.
Pattinson: Hopefully. I guess I'll find out. This is the first time, really, that I'll be confronted with a bunch of Twilighters. I guess I can see for myself. But I'm kind of nervous about it.

MTV: I don't know if you've seen them yet, but the crowd stretches three-quarters of a mile, just to get into the "Twilight" panel.
Pattinson: Oh. [Laughs uneasily.] Thanks for letting me know.
MTV: We interviewed some girls in the line, and they said all they wanted to do is get a glimpse of you.
Pattinson: Wow. When I was entering the building, I saw a girl, and she was so baffled [by me]; she just looked so underwhelmed. I'm like, "Don't worry. I get that all the time."
MTV: There's a certain name many of the people here at Comic-Con are often called. Do you consider yourself a geek?
Pattinson: Yes, sort of. I kinda like all this stuff. I went to a few of these things in England, like "Dr. Who" ones, and I always found them really interesting. I guess I was a geek. But I was more of a computer-game geek; I wasn't really a comic book geek.
MTV: They have a "Dr. Who" booth on the convention floor. You'll have to check it out.
Pattinson: Really? I might have to do that, actually.
MTV: There are also people here dressed up as Batman, Superman, you name it. Would you ever want to play a superhero on screen?
Pattinson: Yeah. Who have I always wanted to play? Batman would be really cool, but Batman is a boring guy; like, Bruce Wayne is kind of boring. I haven't seen the ["Dark Knight"] yet, but in the comics he was always straight-laced. Spider-Man was quite cool, but he had to be a geek. And then there was Superman. But I always liked Gambit from "X-Men." Gambit would be cool. Has he ever been in an "X-Men" movie?
MTV: He hasn't, but supposedly he's going to be in the "Wolverine" spin-off film.
Pattinson: I might have to get my foot in that door.
MTV: There are a lot of big movies down here, from "Watchmen" to "The Day the Earth Stood Still." But what's the one thing "Twilight" has that none of the others do?
Pattinson: Well, I'm in it. [Laughs.] That is one thing the others don't have.
MTV: Well, surely, Stephenie's writing skills are a big advantage.
Pattinson: Yeah, yeah. I think it's very different; it's very intimate. With all that other stuff, there's something much bigger going on. It's the end of the world, or there are a million superheroes. But at the core of "Twilight," it's a love story. It's a very intense love story, which differentiates it. Everything else just goes away.
MTV: You're about to head downstairs, where you'll appear in front of 6,500 screaming Twilighters. What's your game plan?
Pattinson: Umm ... try not to wet my pants? Try to be the tiniest bit as articulate as I can? Try not to look like I'm crazy? I don't know if I'm even capable of doing any of those things.
MTV: Are there any questions you fear? Like the super-geeky ones?
Pattinson: No, I'm fine with those ones. Specific questions I'm fine with, about any topic in the world. But things like, "What's the movie about?" and "What character do you play?" I always stumble. I crumble when I get those; I just can't explain it.
MTV: By now, we've all seen these clips of you fighting Cam Gigandet, who is such a bad-ass in "Never Back Down." Did he try all those mixed martial-arts moves against you?
Pattinson: I kicked his ass, because I don't hold back. I fight like a little bitch. I'd bite and pull his pants down and stuff.
MTV: Last question: If you ever came to Comic-Con as a normal fan, who would you dress up as?
Pattinson: Charlie Chaplin? That's not really a Comic-Con thing, actually, is it? What am I talking about? Maybe I just want to dress up as Charlie Chaplin.
MTV: Any heroes, perhaps?
Pattinson: Spider-Man. I like the outfit; I like a little bit of spandex.

So, we know what Rob was thinking while he was on the panel: Don't wet myself, don't wet myself... We also know that he fights like a b**ch, wants to be Gambit from X-Men, thinks that he underwhelms the girls (PAH! As if!), wants to dress as Charlie Chaplin, and likes a little bit of spandex action. Very nice; bravo Mr. Pattinson.

In Larry's blog about his epic adventure through the perils of Comic Con, he asked this question: "Alright, Twilighters: We just posted our new Q & A with Robert Pattinson. So, would you rather see him dressed up like Spider-Man, Batman…or Charlie Chaplin?
Well, I had to look up what Charlie Chaplin looked like (sorry if that fact makes me sound like a complete uneducated fool) and I definitely have to say that I'd very much like to see Robert sporting a funky mustache and a dainty top hat. :D

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