Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Trailer Talk... is asking people for their honest opinions on Twilight Trailer Number 2. Love it? Loathe it? Somewhere in the middle?
I read almost all the comments. In fact, I think I read them all. It was uplifting to see how many people thought it looked good. And I was ecstatic to read all the comments on Robert Pattinson raving how beautiful he looks and how perfectly he is channelling Edward Cullen. That boy really is talented. Have you seen some of his British roles? He's very versatile and whatever his character may be, whether it's a rambling geek or a silent, introverted man, he throws every part of himself into that imaginary being and brings them to life. As far as I've seen, it's no different for Edward. Such torment, passion, protectiveness, determination...
But, of course, there has to be those who love to act like professional movie critics and barge in to bash the film to the dirt based on a one minute and thrity second teaser trailer. There are ALWAYS going to be critics, and I know that, but seeing those harsh comments long before the movie is even on the big screen is SO disheartening, I can't even tell you. But I will tell you some of the most popular criticisms and my take on them.
Kristen Stewart as Bella - Yeah, you read it right. It seems like just yesterday when everyone was ridiculously worried about how Robert Pattinson was going to portray precious Edward. Now after this trailer, most everyone is bowing before Rob as if he were royalty, and casting Kristen Stewart to the sharks. Why, you ask? I lost track of how many people said Kristen delivered her lines as if she were a wooden telephone pole. I guess I have to agree somewhat on this one. When she was listing Edward's disturbing vampire traits and when she told him she was only afraid of losing him, her voice was rather dead and flat. I think that this is only because her lines were taken out of context so that they don't sound natural. And Kristen was totally owning those lines when she was flipping out with Edward about James.
Not enough Robert/Edward - I do agree on this one. They might have focused too much on James' wild goose chase for Bella. We saw a few glimpses of his angel-like face, and got a few passionate lines, but no real Edwardness. One of the most popular complaints regarding this was how it never showed Edward's face as he was saying the most intense lines, like "The hunt is his obsession, he'll never stop!" However, in the trailer's defense, there really is only so much you can show in a short clip such as this. The first one showed all romance and no action, so I think it was wise for this second one to flaunt some of the invigorating action scenes with the baddie.
Cheesy lines - There were quite a few people trashing the trailer for it's cheesiness. I just have to say, any zealous lines like the ones in this are going to sound anomalous and cheesy when they are hanging by themselves in the midst of eery music and action-packed shots. I bet once they are in the actual context of the coversations, they will sound more natural. Also, a lot of those lines were extremely close to the ones in the book...are you saying the book is cheesy? (Actually, a few people were. :( But they were just posting for drama.)
Too much action - A lot of fans were worried that this movie isn't going to capture the same amorous magic as the books. But they came to this conclusion based on this trailer. Can I remind you it's just over one minute long? Personally, I don't understand this concern at all. I'm not worried that there's going to be more action than romance. We saw the first trailer, which was focusing ALL on the chemistry between Edward and Bella. We've seen clips, like from MTV and the Penelope DVD of the sentimental parts. Like I've said before, if this trailer had been nothing but Edward and Bella gazing at each other and stroking one another's faces, it would have been a snooze. In a quick trailer, flashing scenes of flying through forests and jumping through windows is what's going to catch the attention. We have the whole movie to see the mushy parts. And don't get me wrong, I am SO looking forward to the mushiness. What girl isn't? But it just doesn't work in a trailer meant to get you stoked for the movie - and maybe get some darned guys interested, too.
Straying from the book - UGH! For the last time, some books just do not translate well from the paper to the fact I'm pretty certain that's true for nearly ALL books. Catherine Hardwicke and Summit want this movie to be fun for everyone, not just the fans. Change isn't always bad and I detest people who think so. Everyone should be thanking the heavens that this movie isn't about a flipping track star and her night vision goggles! *dies*
Anyway, there were some other negatives, too. Like that the affects were poor and James didn't look creepy enough because of his greasy ponytail (?). With such a dedicated set of fans, it's apparent that some are going to be extremely condemning. I just wish some would reserve their nasty remarks for the actual film. Trailers are often deceiving. Take Wall.e, for example. From the trailer, that looked like a pile of electronic crap. But then I saw it, and it was utterly amazing.
(By the way, I LOVED THE TRAILER for those of you who did not know that already, or thought that I disliked it. No. It was amazing in my eyes.)

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Victoria said...

I for one loved the trailer- sorry about the random comment. Just wanted to let you know that the comic-con poll is getting crushed by Twilight. It has over 50%.

Twilighter said...

I loved the trailer, too. =D
Yay! That's amazing.

Heather said...

Good trailer... it balances out the first trailer--romance and action all from the same movie.

Also, the comments about James not looking creepy enough, he did take me by surprise (I wasn't imagining someone that "beautiful"), but that was really good. It was reminiscent of the Bible's description of Satan as an Angel of Light--making him appear sexy is awesome because that just adds to his strength in the hunt. His delivery of "You brought a snack," was fabulous!

Twilighter said...

That's what I thought! I really was wise of them to make that balance.
That's an extremely good point about Satan in the Bible...and I really thought that because he was beautiful and kind of cheery as he delivered his lines made him that much more frightening.