Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Letter Concerning Breaking Dawn

A note from Breaking Dawn's Spanish editor has surfaced (it's been translated from Spanish, so ignore the grammar mistakes):
Breaking Dawn is a novel that practically must be read with sunglasses, because you will dazzle chapter in chapter. I have read almost the whole with my mouth open, is full of surprising turns. When you think history is going to take a course, suddenly gives an unexpected twist that drags the characters where you never imagined. In addition, after reading the three previous books-and when you feel you know Bella, Edward and Jacob as if they were important people in your own life-and you know exactly how they think each one is exciting to see how they react when faced with all these new situations and are well screened by the destination, experiencing great happiness, great dangers, passions and… yes, great sufferings too. Not to mention the new characters appearing … I am sure you will love. Of course, Breaking Dawn is a reading so beautiful and dazzling as its name. Who would say that we expected something like that, after the eclipse …
You can finally have your hands in the August 2 …
Kisses to all!!!Vanessa PĂ©rez-SouquilloExecutive Editor

Sunglasses advised? Surprising turns? Great happiness, great dangers, great passions, great sufferings? New characters? And I thought my excitement level for this book couldn't get any higher!

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