Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let's Go on Vacation to Savage Island

After finishing the last fanfiction I read, I was left begging for more. I didn't even have to search before another was suggested to me. This person did a particularly fantastic job of capturing the essence of Stephenie Meyer's writing style as well as each of the characters. She (I'm assuming the author is a girl...) also spent a lot of time on Edward and Bella's relationship - how can we not love that? I think Jacob only made an appearence once; the lack in so much drama created by his selfishness was a relief. She added a lot of interesting and unexpected twists to the story that made it nearly impossible to stop reading (I had to take a break for dinner, but I made sure it was brief). Basically, this is another must read.

Gorge yourself and read all eighteen chapters (with more to come?) right here.

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