Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just One Question for One Cast Member

I love when poses little questions like these:

If you could talk to 1 Twilight Cast member, and ask them 1 question what would that 1 be. ONLY 1 MEMBER AND 1QUESTION!

Only one, huh? Hmmmm. I was going to say Robert Pattinson, but he's rambled to us nonstop about his experience on set in his interviews, and I'm finding that I can't cook up a decent question for him. So unless 'I love you!' counts as a question, I'm going to have to skip Rob (rambling to us during your interviews is a GOOD thing, so don't stop, okay pal?) and jump over to Taylor Lautner. We haven't heard enough from Jacob Black, and with his character being so controversial, there's got a be a good question out there for him. Okay, I got it:

If you were deeply in love with someone, but you could tell that she was obsessively in love with another person, would you be like Jacob's character and refuse to give up on her, trying to convince her in any way you can that you would make her happiest?

Not bad, if I do say so myself. Jacob's obstinate determination is an aspect that I both admire and seriously dislike about him. I'm a determined person; I don't like to let things slide from my grasp so easily. It's a good quality to have for sure. But, there's a point to where it becomes downright stubborn. And in Jacob's and Bella's case, there's a line being crossed to where people are getting hurt. If you trace all the issues with Bella, Edward, and Jacob in Eclipse to an originating source, it's Jacob. If he'd stopped constantly attempting to shove himself on to Bella, even when it was obvious how much she loved Edward, Bella wouldn't have succumbed so much to him - she wouldn't be so torn and Edward wouldn't be so hurt. And Jacob's pain was self-inflicted. There was hope that Bella would choose him, sure, but apparently he was so confident in that outcome that when he forced Bella into a situation and she didn't choose him for certain, he got hurt in the process. Of course, you can't blame Jacob completely. It's partly Edward's fault, too. When he left, Jacob was the one to stitch Bella back together, and it left its mark on both of them. And Jacob is only human...well, more human than Edward, at least.

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