Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jacob Black: Wedding Crasher

A question about our werewolf chum was posted on EW.com along with their article where they kick off their new column for every Tuesday called Twilight Bytes (oh, oh, I get it! *bursts into laughter* Okay, it's not that funny.) Read the article here discussing how fans are going to celebrate Breaking Dawn's release this Friday (Friday, you say? That's like...1..2...a SHORT number of days away!). As for their Jacob question:

Do you think Jacob might show up to stop the wedding?

No, I never really did believe that Jacob would jump through the doors at the wedding, interrupting the serene melodies with the sratch of a record (you know, that shhrrriiip when something is interrupted in the cartoons), and yell "I OBJECT!" I think he might plan on doing something to put an end to the wedding, being the dramaking that he is, but then someone will talk him out of it or he'll have a surprising amount of consideration in his furry heart and realize he would be doing wrong. I can also imagine him sneaking off to the wedding and peeking secretly through the windows to watch Bella and Edward stand face to face at the podium. Then he'll whimper some, erupt into a trembling rage, the wolf inside will bubble to the surface, and he'll lope off, howling in agony. Meanwhile, Edward kisses his bride and the church hall gives a standing ovation.

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