Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interview with a Vampire, Anyone?

The world must be against me today. Why, you ask? is giving me ANOTHER reason to be insanely jealous (as if Comic Con and it's comicists - another made up word - weren't enough!). I mean, just look for yourself:

There's some serious "Twilight" hype going on and will be right in the thick of it. We'll be interviewing the stars of the upcoming movie, including Kristen Stewart ("Jumper") and Robert Pattinson ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"), and we want to know your burning questions. Do you think Edward and Bella are doomed? Should Bella give up her mortal soul? What is it that's so appealing about the Vampire genre? Vamp it up and post your questions to any of the participants listed below:

Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen
Kristen Stewart - Bella Swan
Cam Gigandet - James
Rachelle LeFevre - Victoria
Edi Gathegi - Laurent
Taylor Lautner - Jacob Black
Catherine Hardwicke - Director
Stephenie Meyer - Author (Novel)

Well, at least there's some good news. We, the fans of the United Novels of Twilight, get to throw in our very own blazing questions! Here's mine, for all of the particpants above (and maybe this is more of a demand...): Come to my house so I can meet you! I have sandwiches!
Okay, so that isn't my real question. Believe it or not, I'm not that much of a lunatic. I have a serious and reasonable query for each of them.
Robert Pattinson: Was it difficult to create such a passionate chemistry on the screen with Kristen Stewart? Or maybe it came naturally...*wink, wink*
Kristen Stewart: When you first met Robert Pattinson did he just scream "dazzling vampire" or were you unsure at first?
Cam Gigandet: Would you have rather played one of the "good" vampires (the Cullens) or would you keep your role as the bady guy?
Rachelle LeFevre: Do you think you look like your character, Victoria? I do, with that amazing fiery red hair.
Edi Gathegi: You play a bit bigger part in New Moon. If Twilight's sequel ends up becoming a movie, would you be excited to play that role?
Taylor Lautner: I'm sure you know that you're supposed to be a werewolf. Is being a wolf more exciting than being a vampire?
Catherine Hardwicke: How do you like Stephenie Meyer's interpretation of vampires? Would you rather they have blood-red eyes and fangs?
Stephenie Meyer: Were you anticipating Twilight to become a movie or did it catch you by surprise?
Head on over here to read the rest of the article and submit your fanrific questions.

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