Monday, July 7, 2008

Imprinting - Good or Bad?

Twilight Lexicon is having another of their 'Great Lexicon Debates': Is the concept of Imprinting good or bad, fair or not? What are your thoughts? What do you believe Stephenie want us to think?
I love a good werewolf debate in the morning, don't you?
Imprinting...I've always thought of the concept as powerful. It's quite moving to me, actually, how a person can feel so strongly toward another without really choosing to do so. I've never given the question as to whether this is fair or unfair much previous thought. Now that I am thinking about it, I can't really give a solid answer.
In some cases it's a tad unfair - mostly to the imprinter (making up words, here?). Take Jacob's case, for instance. He loves Bella and wants her, but if he imprints on a different person, then he doesn't have the slightest chance of being with her. Another unfair aspect is if the imprinter has someone who loves them, but when they imprint, the imprintee is someone else (does that even make sense?). Case and point: Leah. She loved Sam. But Sam imprinted on Emily. Now Leah is left alone.
At the same time, when a werewolf imprints on another, I think that is a symbol of destiny and true love. The two were meant to be together, and there is no possible way that the couple can't be happy with one another. Emily and Sam were obviously destined to love each other, while if Leah and Sam had been together, one or both would have ended up unhappy. Now Leah has a chance to imprint or be imprinted upon (does the imprinter always have to be a male?) so that she can find someone to make a strong, unyielding bond with.
I think Stephenie Meyer wanted imprinting to appear unfair on the shell. Jacob was complaining about the idea and it's apparent that once he imprints he won't be able to have Bella (as long as Bella isn't the imprintee, and she better not be or else...). But I think Stephenie mostly wanted readers to explore deeper into the aspects of imprinting and see that attraction is something created between people before they may even be born (Edward and Bella, for example) and is something that has to be found. Once it is found, the two are inseparable. It's your choice to believe that this is true or disregard it as bull crap, but this is why I think Edward and Bella will end up being together forever, and Jacob will end up finding someone else - sorry Jacob/Bella believers.

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astrshn said...

the movie is going to be told in Edwards point of view ?!

Twilighter said...

Oh, no...I don't think so, at least.