Thursday, July 24, 2008

"I'm Getting Ready For Thousands of Teen Girls to Throw Rocks At Me"

Recent Edit: Watch the video right here. I'd post the actual video on here, but when I did, the image for the video was of two giraffes having their fun. I don't want to look like an obscene site, so I'll just let you click on the link and watch. It's just as good there, I promise. And if you don't want to hear the rest about the giraffes, the mention of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black happens pretty early.

It's this guy again. How about we call him Speed-Talking Literature Nerd 5000? (STLN5K for short.) You're never going to believe it, but STLN5K (okay, that's going to get annoying to type. How about we call him by his real name - John) mentions Edward Cullen again, this time whilst briefly discussing the heated Edward-Jacob debate of '08. Here is what he has to say about our beloved vampire: "Edward is a very beautiful but very empty vessel in to which we can stuff all our hopes and aspirations." I had to replay that segment in the video at least five times to catch that, by the way. And then a few moments later he comes up with a definitive team to root for: "Jacob." Hm, well, I would throw a rock and break those glasses but a. those specs are wicked b. it's tricky to miraculously chuck a rock through a computer screen and c. this guy is too cool for rocks, anyway.

Credit: John of VLog Brothers. Thanks Heather for giving me the link to this video! =)

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