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Total Twilight Trivia

*I'm doing this without looking anything up and I am TERRIBLE at remembering things unless told specifically to do so. Bear with me, here, because I'm going to sound so un-Twiligher through these next few minutes...

1 What is Bella’s full name (first, middle, last) 1 Point - Isabella Marie Swan (at first I didn't remember her middle name, but it just came back to me!)
2. In what city was Edward born? 1 Point - Chicago, baby
3. What was Carlisle’s father’s profession? 1 Point - A...priest?
4. What is the full name of the woman directing ‘Twilight: The Movie’? 1 Point - Catherine Something Hardwicke

5. How did Stephenie Meyer get the idea for ‘Twilight’? 1 Point - A dream
6. Who nearly crushes Bella to death with their van? 1 Point - Tyler Crowley
7. What is the color of the van mentioned in the previous question? 1 Point - Blue?
8. What is the name of the beach that Bella visits with a group of her friends? 1 Point - La Push?
9. What is the name of the girl who acts a bit cold towards Bella when she first arrives in Forks? 1 Point - Lauren
10. Name the 3 people who ask Bella to the dance in Twilight. (first and last names, please) 1 Point - Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, Tyler Crowley
11. Name the actors who are portraying each of the Cullen’s- (spelling counts!) 1 Point Carlisle - Peter Facinelli Esme - Elizabeth Reeser Edward - Robert Pattinson Alice - Ashley Greene Jasper - Jackson Rathbone Emmett - Kellan Lutz Rosalie - Nikki Reed
12. Name the actors who are portraying each of the humans- (spelling!) 1 Point Bella - Kristen Stewart Mike - Michael Welch Angela - Christian Serratos Jessica - Anna Kennwick? Kendrick? Eric - Justin Chon Tyler - Gregory Tyree Boyce Jacob - Taylor Lautner Sam - Solomon Trimble Chief Swan - Billy Burke Billy - Gil Birmingham
13. Name the actors who are portraying each of the Nomads- (spelling still counts!) 1 Point James - Cam Gigandet Victoria - Rachelle LeFevre Laurent - Edi Gathegi
14. What is the set release date for ‘Twilight: The Movie’? 1 Point - December 12th, 2008
15. What city did Bella previously live in before moving to Forks? 1 Point - Phoenix
16.Name three physical characteristics all of the Cullen’s have in common due to the fact that they’re vampires. 1 Point - Pale skin, gold/black eyes, BEA-U-TIFUL
17. Name the following Vampires human last names- 2 Points Rosalie - Hale? Emmett - McSomething Jasper - Uh Alice - Eh Edward - Masen Esme - Blah
18. What do the Quileute legends sometimes refer to vampires as? 2 Points - Coooold Ones
19. What is Laurent’s accent described as? Slightly ______. 1 Point - French? Oui oui?
20. What is Edward’s special occasion car? 1 Point - Something Turbo Lightening Fast 5000
21. What is the name of the man Rosalie was engaged to as a human? 2 Points - Royce
22. What state was Rosalie’s fiancĂ©’s friend visiting from? 2 Points - La La Land?
23. During the time that Twilight takes place, how old is Carlisle? 2 Points - 300-sumthin'
24. What state were each of the Cullen’s born in as humans? 2 Points Rosalie - Somewhere Emmett - Over Alice - The Jasper - South Esme - Rainbow
25. What major city was Carlisle born close to? 1 Point - New York City?
26. In New Moon, what disease does Billy give Bella as an excuse to stall Jake’s absence? 2 Points - I thought he just said the flu...
27. What color is the blouse that Bella has ‘kidnapped’ from her room in Eclipse? 1 Point - Red?
28. What does Edward call Bella’s engagement ring in order to assure her that he didn’t spend money on it? 1 Point - A hand-me-down
29. Name the Cullen’s in chronological order by the time they were changed into vampires. 2 Points Just a guess: Carlisle, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper and I don't know where Esme fits in...
30. What year is Bella’s truck? 2 Points - '93 or '94
31. What year is Jakes car? 2 Points - 2030
32. Which Denali sister did Laurent have relations with? 2 Points - Tanya?
33. Name all 10 pack members. 3 Points - Goodness...Jacob, Quil, Embry, Sam, Leah, Seth, Bob, Fred, George, Peter
34. What river does Edward’s room over look? 3 Points - Amazon
35. Name the two members of the Denali Clan that have special ‘talents’. 2 Points - Eleazer...Bob...
36. What minor league baseball team does Phil get signed to? 2 Points - Jacksonville Minor League?
37. What is Phil’s current job? 3 Points - A baseball player? o_O
38. What are the names of the three vampires that change Jasper? 2 Points - Maria (I remeber a Maria for some reason), Dracula, and Nosferatu
39. What kind of trees do Bella and Edward sit under during prom? 3 Points - Ugh. Pine trees?!
40. What kind of tree is in Charlie’s front yard? 3 Points - More PINE TREES?
41. What town do Bella and Jacob have to travel to in New Moon to get motorcycle parts? 3 Points - It's on the tip of my tongue...but sadly no further than that.
42. What religion does Charlie consider himself to fall under? 3 Points - Buddhist. Kidding, um, how about the No Clue religion?
43. What level is the bathroom that Bella escapes out of in Twilight? 2 Points - Well it seems like if it was any level higher than first level, she would have to jump...
44. What are the names of the two streets that the Ballet studio in Twilight is on the corner of? 3 Points - Don't and Know
45. What is the first and last name of the man that Esme was married to as a human? 2 Points - I really have no idea.
46. What did Esme’s baby die of? 3 Points - For some reason Polio comes to mind but I don't know if that even makes sense. Influenza? The Plague?
47. What are the names of Kristen, Edi, Rob, Jackson, and Kellan’s doubles for ‘Twilight: The Movie’ (first and last names, if possible) 3 Points Kristen- Um Edi - Uh Rob - Paul McDonald Jackson - Eh Kellan - Hm
48. What book is Bella reading for her English class during New Moon? 3 Points - Romeo and Juliet? The Odyssey? The Illiad?
49. What is the name of the restaurant that Bella and Charlie eat at in the movie? 3 Points - Something about logs, I thought...Logger Joint. Log Burger. Logger Hut.
50. On their way home from Phoenix in Twilight, Edward, Bella, and Alice stop by a Las Vegas casino. What game does Alice play while she’s there? 3 Points - WHAT? I didn't even know they did that...
BONUS: According to Theo, what does Mike steal from Alice in Breaking Dawn? 1 Point - Who is Theo and why are we talking about Breaking Dawn, here?

Take the quiz here at Twilight Extremists. Hopefully you'll do better than me...*covers head with paper bag in shame*

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