Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If a Twilight Star Was Standing Next to Me...

From MTV's movie blog, this question was asked of the fans:

If a Twilight star were standing next to you, what would you ask them?

Well, first of all, if a Twilight star was standing right next to me, I'd be like, "OH MY GOD!" and that might frighten them away. But if they had the nerve to keep standing beside me, I'd next ask, "Um, excuse me *insert star's name here*, can I ask you a question?" in which case they might reply, "No, you scare me." If they instead said, "Why, yes, of course," (and from what I've seen each cast member is extremely kind-hearted, so I'm sure there answer would be something along the lines of that) then I might squeal a little more before moving on to my actual question:

If you could work with one of your Twilight costars in a completely different movie, what type of movie would that be and who would it be with?

They might be like, "Ew, that's a dumb question" or shift over next to the garabage can and fake being busy fixing their hair, but their probable response would be similiar to, "That's a good question. Well, *insert answer to question here*." Then I would thank them ethusiastically, even if it was a half-witted answer, and they would probably begin to regret signing on to do Twilight the Movie and flee to barren dunes of the Sahara Desert where no Twilighter would ever be able to find them (Baha, that's what they think...)

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