Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Have a Question for You, Mrs. Meyer

Stephenie Meyer will be taking the stage August 1st in New York for her book tour. What better to do up there in front of a sea of cheering fans than answer questions we've all been dying to know the answer to since we first picked up Twilight? They won't be just any old questions, either. They're going to be our questions, and only the most unique and thoughtful of them, too, selected by Stephenie herself. MTV is giving us a chance to submit our most burning inquiries right here.
Here's a little something that I've been wondering for months now:

In Eclipse during the battle, right after Edward 'took care of' Victoria, something happened to Leah and Jacob down on the battlefield and Edward fell to his knees, gripping the sides of his head as if he were in pain. Why did this happen to him? Was he feeling the pain that Jacob was feeling, because he could hear his thoughts? That small part has always baffled me to no end.

Ask Stephenie Meyer what you've been dying to know. Maybe she'll choose your question and unravel another Twilight mystery!

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