Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Heat is On - Team Edward or Team Jacob?

EW (Entertainment Weekly) decided to jump in on the much popular debate of who fans love more, Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
After the thousands of times I've said I love Edward, after my countless grumbles about how lucky Bella is, after every curse I've made upon realizing that I'm not going to be swept off my feet by a gorgeous, sparkly vampire...who's side am I on?
Since it's obvious (at least...I hope it is....) who's team I'm on, I don't have to say it. Let's just skip to my reasoning:
1. Edward is the most attractive guy ever. This reason is the only shallow one, I promise.
2. Edward is so darn caring. Here Jacob is, constantly trying to grasp Bella for himself and trying to convince her to choose him; basically pushing himself on to her. Then here Edward is, constantly making sure he's what Bella wants and assuring her that she can choose whatever makes her happiest. I mean, come on.
3. Edward sparkles like diamonds in the sun. Okay...I was lying before. This is the last shallow reason.
4. Edward cares about the wasting of finite resources. Vampires can care about the environment, too! Thank you, Edward!
5. Edward speaks in the gentle cadences of an earlier century. Seriously, it just makes my heart melt how polite, articulate, and intelligent he sounds.
6. Edward is generous, self-sacrificing, protecting, gentle (even though he's stronger than a rhino, which just makes it all the more moving), soothing, charming, witty without being annoying (*cough* Jacob *cough*), and of course, loving. It's so clear that he loves Bella more than anything in the universe. More than himself, even more than his family, though he loves them above himself, too.
7. And to wrap it all up...EDWARD IS THE MOST ATTRACTIVE GUY EVER.
His beauty isn't the main reason I love him, honestly. He could be average or below on the attract-o-meter, and I'd still be on his team. It's just a very lovely bonus.
Join the discussion! Pick a team and get in on the fun here!

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