Monday, July 14, 2008

Game Show Time! How Well Do You Know Stephenie Meyer?

The hostess of Barnes and Nobles' show Tagged! quizzed Twilight fans in a little game show she called Who Knows Stephenie Meyer Best? (1,000,000,000 points for originality on that one!)
So let's just say that I was somehow a contestant on this game show. How well would I do?
1st Question - Who does Stephenie Meyer compare herself to in the Brady Bunch? *Aeeehhh* (That's supposed to be the buzzer noise. Shut up, I know it doesn't look like it!) Jimmy! Final answer! No, I have not seen the Brady Bunch before...
Second Question - What inspired Twilight? *Aeeehhh* Well, Stephenie was walking down the sidewalk at twilight when she saw a little cafe called Bella. Inside there was a vampire. He was sitting next to a painting of two hands holding an apple by a guy named Edward. Cullen was the name of her grandpa's old red Chevy. Anyone in their right mind knows that...
Third Question - Who is Stephenie Meyer's favorite author of all time? *Aeeehhh* Jimmy! You know...he wrote that book...with the guy...oh, and there was that dog, too!
Fourth Question - What kind of books was she writing before the Twilight series? *Aeeehhh* Novel books, of course!
Final Score: -526.7
Fiddlesticks... I only knew the answer to the second question in reality. But who would know those things anyway, besides a stalker?! I giggled every time the lady's shirt fell off her shoulders and she had to discreetly hike them back up. As for the vampire/werewolf impersonations? Can I have some cabbage to chuck at the screen, please? =P

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