Saturday, July 26, 2008

G4 at Comic Con on the Tube

So I kept spotting all these alerts from various sites saying 'Watch G4's Comic Con coverage, they'll be mentioning Twilight!' As expected, I raced to my TV when I saw this (at around 5:30, as I recall) turned on the television, grazed all the channels from 1 to 200, and found G4. When I thought my excitement level couldn't increase any more after discovering that I actually had that channel, I saw the words 'Comic Con 2008'. I went to the show, fixed my eyes upon the jabbering narrators for a few minutes...and then BAM! A lady said, "And coming up next, we will blah, blah interview something, something TWILIGHT la de da!" I hit record, gathered my bewildered family members in the living room, and together we watched G4's Twilight at Comic Con coverage. It was short but sweet - they flashed a few clips that I'd already seen but still made me smile anyhow, showed us Entertainment Weekly's cover a few dozen times (it's really not that horrible, people), had some praising words to please the fans, and then graced us with some interviews from Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and (I think, but I'm not positive if I'm remembering right?) Kristen Stewart. It was fun - every time I see the media raving about how Twilight is hitting the nation like a hurricane, I get more and more eager. Once Twilight was over, we proceeded to watch Monk. (I love that show!)
Recent Edit: Now you can watch it right here!

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