Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fast Cars, But No Vampires

So I just saw The Dark Knight this afternoon - and now it's evening, so that should give you an approximation of how long it was. No, I did not go just so I could have a chance at seeing Twilight on the big screen, I actually wanted to see the movie, especially after so many enthusiastic recommendations. It ended up that they didn't show the trailer this time around, anyway. (I wasn't expecting to see it but, but of course there was still that infinitesimal hope blossoming in my heart that I couldn't shoo away.) Anyway, it was a fantastic movie and didn't cease to impress through all those many, many minutes. It did make me a bit sad to watch Heath Ledger as the Joker because that preformance was not only worthy of an Oscar nomination, but worthy of an Oscar itself. Seriously, he was beyond brilliant and definitely stole the show. That's right, step aside Bruce Wayne, there's a new hero in da house (although Christian Bale wasn't too shabby). If I hadn't known beforehand, I probably wouldn't of recognized him. Well, actually, occasionally he would make a certain expression or do something nifty with his eyes, and it would remind me of him in A Knight's Tale (golly, I adore that movie). Anyhoo, for those of you that still want to try your hand at seeing the Twilight trailer in theaters, go ahead and do it, becuase you still have an epic movie to watch if all else fails.

Why so serious?

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