Monday, July 14, 2008

ET: Behind the Scenes of Twilight Footage

Most of you (including moi *shifty eyes*) have probably seen this behind the scenes clip of Twilight from the Penelope DVD on YouTube because (like moi *shifty eyes*) you couldn't help yourself when you saw the words 'Twilight' and 'behind the scenes' joined together like that. But now you can see it without the guilty pleasure - and just the pleasure - right here. Again, it's only an portion, and not the entire thing. But we're spoiled enough as it is, so it's all good.
Don't hurry away just yet! There's more! And this is where the really exciting news comes in! ET posted this beneath the clip:

Before ET airs the never-before-seen 'Twilight' trailer on Tuesday, ETonline has a clip of the new behind-the-scenes footage of the highly anticipated vampire thriller/love story flick based on the New York Times best seller.

Oh my Edwardness! That is another very, very beguiling combination of words - never-before-seen, Twilight, and trailer. I've never seen ET on TV it a channel? I'll have to look frantically through my TV guide before Tuesday arrives... Oh snap! Does it mean this Tuesday? Tomorrow's Tuesday! Aeeeiii!

Recent Edit:: Now various sources are saying that Entertainment Tonight won't actually be showing a new Twilight trailer, but simply the new scene that was from the Penelope DVD - which, by the way, I already saw. Yes, guilty as charged. If this ends up being true (yes, I actually found ET tomorrow night on my TV listings and recorded it), I'm going to run outside and scream to the sky, "Why must they keep lying to us like this?" Do they enjoy giving us unecessary heart-attacks? I'm all about going into cardiac arrest over something worthwhile like *cough* a new Twilight trailer *cough*, but over nothing...?

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