Saturday, July 26, 2008

Edward's Toupee Hairdo

I thought this article was particularly entertaining:

[LA Times:] First things first: Let’s talk about that EW cover.
[Robert Pattinson:] Um, I guess my hair turned into a little bit of a toupee, didn’t it? I don’t know what happened. Laughs. I just sort of was like, it’s only out for a week anyway.

And then he realizes that publicists are STILL talking about it and he happens to see a certain cover included in a certain list of the top ten magazine covers that shook the world...*choke*
Toupee - I like it.

Read the rest about Robert Pattinson's experience being beautiful, his desire to be 100% self-loathing, and the journal he kept while keeping himself shut away in Portland so he could pretend to be an American all right here.

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